Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Feels Like Home

I have now been married a little over 6 weeks and my back two rooms are still full of stuff. I don't say this to blame my husband or myself... it's just how things are right now. I'm sure we can all identify with one room or another that has held "stuff". Well, being a newlywed wife and being on the hunt for jobs, I also tend to the house and try my best to get those rooms to be what they should be - a guest bedroom and an office. Last night, my husband wrote his own "Honey-Do" List and got it all done - while he felt sick! If that doesn't show me how much he loves me, I don't know what else would.

While I'm so delighted he did that for me, I sadly realized the ball is back in my court. Now it's my things that are occupying the space. Funny how that works huh? Even with the size of our Double-wide, there still isn't adequate storage space; like bookshelves. Those would be wonderful! Jared and I are both avid readers and have talked about getting a Kindle for his Pastoral Care books (since he has a million of them). As for me, I like the old school feel of a book in my hands. I'd rather look at paper than a computer screen... kinda funny since I have a blog and not a journal huh? Anyway... back to the point.

Once Jared moved "his things" out of the room, I could see mine more clearly. Thing is, I didn't want to see mine. I wanted mine to be taken care of too! I guess I thought Jared would magically take care of that too. Ha! Fat chance. He worked hard to move those things around and find places for them. My turn! Thankfully, I was able to become a little more creative and found a place for some of it in my kitchen

Such a small feat, but hey I got rid of a box and a bag so baby steps are working!(I also did get some other things placed) And I'm realizing the more I get things "in place" the more I do feel at home. I've been calling this house my home, but to really "feel at home" requires your own style added to the mix. I'm hoping our home will be ready for guests by August and maybe even do an "open house" for our church and friends :)

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  1. Great idea for your kitchen.... Can't wait to see it in person someday :)